Steven Andiloro Personal Security Devices You Need

I am a fervent believer of personal security and safety. I have mentioned, in previous blogs, the importance of protecting your personal information from online hackers, but I have not touched on an even more important topic: your own physical safety. The digital space has its importance in our lives, but nothing will be more important than your or your family’s personal safety. That is why I wanted to list a few personal safety gadgets that are great to have on hand.


Mace/Pepper Spray

This is possibly one of the most popular and well-known personal safety devices in existence. If ever you are alone and feel uncomfortable and need to fend off an attacker, nothing beats this classic. Typically, pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, an oil that contains the compound capsaicin, which is what causes the burning sensation of pepper spray. The compound finds its way into an attacker’s nose, throat and eyes and almost certainly incapacitates them.


Pocket Shirt

Whenever you’re traveling, or even if you are just taking a stroll in your own neighborhood, one of the biggest looming threats to your personal safety is a pickpocket or a mugger. These thieves always go for your wallet, but what if they didn’t know where your wallet was? Shirts that contain hidden pockets located on the chest offer a clever way to hide your personal belongings. This could include your credit card, passport, cash or just your wallet. It is certainly worth looking into.


Personal Safe

For those moments when you don’t want to carry all of your personal belongings, but you also don’t trust the hotel or location that you are staying in, look no further than a personal safe. Just large enough to store money and small personal items, personal safes offer a terrific way to keep all of your content safe and secure. And if you were to carry it with you and get mugged, the attacker would not have access to the safe anyways. It is a great way to keep your most precious belongings safe when you are on the move.