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Steven Andiloro - Being Safe While Traveling

Being Safe While Traveling

Steven Andiloro - Being Safe While Traveling

Summertime is officially here and what better way to enjoy the warm weather and long nights than traveling across the world? Kids are on summer break, adults are on vacation, it’s a very popular time to travel. And although it is important to have fun, it is also incredibly important to remain vigilant. Here are a few safety and security measures you can take to protect yourself and your family while traveling abroad.


Beware social media

These days, everybody loves to post what they are doing on social media. From Facebook posts, to Instagram photos to tweets on Twitter, personal lives are shared 24/7. While sharing a photo of the sunset in Puerto Rico or posting a status of when you are leaving for vacation might sound like fun and innocent ways of letting your friends and family know where you are, it can unfortunately let other malicious people know where you are. By posting your whereabouts on social media, you can be setting yourself up for a home invasion. An empty house means an easy target. Taking hundreds of photos to remember your experience is fine, but just make sure that you do not post those photos online until after you return home.


Purchase a smart home security camera

Home security cameras are nothing new. They allow you to see exactly what is going on in your house when you are away. And while they were fantastic devices upon their creation, the 21st century has truly made home security cameras groundbreaking. With a smart home security camera, you can view your house anywhere, anytime. This way, if someone breaks into your house, not only will you have video evidence of it, you will also be able to see it in real time and alert the proper authorities as quickly as possible.


Don’t stick out

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but it deserves repeating. Make sure to blend into the crowd as much as possible. This may be your first time visiting a country or state that you’ve always dreamed of going to, but being obvious about it will clue in potential thieves and miscreants. Don’t walk around with a map, don’t look up at every building with tremendous awe and wonder, and limit the number of photos that you are taking. These are all things that will make you susceptible to an attack.


It is a big world out there. Enjoy it, but be safe.

Steven Andiloro Google

Google’s New Home Security System

In today’s highly technologically advanced world, we are constantly stepping closer to a world similar to that of the Jetsons, full of self-driving cars and automated assistants. Probably one of the more sought-after pieces of tech has to be the smart house. A house that is connected to the Internet and can autonomously perform a variety of mundane tasks. And while there have been major breakthroughs in this field, one area that is constantly striving to advance itself is that of home security. And it appears as though Google has come up with new technology aimed to make your home even more secure.

According to a report from Digital Trends, Google has filed a patent for an incredibly advanced security system that would work completely autonomously, thus removing the need for any manual modification.

For example, currently, any home security system must be armed or unarmed manually, by any of the home’s occupants. And while there have been major improvements in making this process easier, such as remote arming through a Wi-Fi connection, the system still requires a human being to physically and manually arm it. Google’s newest security system is looking to fix that.

The patent, originally filed in December of 2014, was updated this past November. The patent describes a system that could monitor a house through the use of several inputs, then autonomously arm or disarm the security system. That being said, there are systems available that essentially accomplish the same goal, however Google’s system wants to include more inputs to increase its intelligence. These inputs include using the home occupants’ location through the use of smartphone tracking, motion sensor information, and collected data such as the average time that the house is vacant and full. The system will then analyze all of this data in order to make an intelligent decision on whether or not to arm the house.

In order for a system such as this to actually work, the house it monitors would have to be jam-packed with high-tech gadgetry, such as sensors, cameras, etc.

It is exciting to see where the future of home security systems is headed. Keep in mind that many companies file hundreds of patents, only to let them sit for years without any further development. Hopefully Google will move forward with this patent and bring us one step closer to a truly smart house.

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