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Steven Andiloro - What is Sfara Guardian-

What is Sfara Guardian?

In today’s world, there are multiple threats lingering around every corner. From digital to physical, we all must work diligently to ensure that we are all safe and protected. While there have been many services, devices and applications over the years that have assisted in providing protection from threats, there hasn’t been an all-encompassing service, a “catch-all” application that offers protection on all fronts. Until now.


Sfara, a mobile safety solutions company, has recently launched Sfara Guardian, the company’s new service that offers around-the-clock care and security. The company believes that the service could revolutionize the security industry, and it very well could.


Sfara Guardian comes in the form of a mobile application that connects users to what Sfara calls “Emergency Managers.” These operators interact with users to assess any calls for assistance. Once a call is placed to one of Sfara’s Emergency Responders, the responder can then contact the appropriate authorities if the situation demands it. Emergency Managers also provide first responders with real-time data on accidents and rescues, directions to the nearest medical facility and can dispatch roadside assistance.


So far, Sfara Guardian may sound very pleasant, but nothing about it truly stands out. Everything that I’ve described above can be completed through some other service in some form or another. However, Guardian does have one ace up its sleeve: artificial intelligence.


Through the use of AI and a patented algorithm, Sfara Guardian can utilize the sensors found on many of today’s most popular smartphones to determine if an accident has occurred. If a user were to get into a car accident and was unable to pick up his phone to call for help, the app’s sophisticated algorithm can detect the accident and dial for assistance immediately.


The application also features other methods of contacting Emergency Managers, such as triple tapping and even setting a check-in timer that will notify a manager if a user doesn’t check-in to a designated location within a certain amount of time.


The app features a bevy of robust features, but none more advanced than its patented algorithm. Sfara Guardian has the potential to completely revolutionize personal security with its refreshing blend of traditional and futuristic methods of retrieving help.


Will you be downloading Sfara Guardian?


Personal Safety Tips for the New Year

I tend to talk a great deal about cyber security and new technologies that can keep our personal information safe as it travels across the vastness of the Internet on this site. And while that is most certainly important, I wanted to focus on another important topic: personal safety. Keeping your personal information safe is crucial, but physically protecting yourself is far more important. With the dawn of a new year, I figured I would take this moment to jot down a few quick and helpful tips for staying safe this year.


Keep Your Car Keys Close By When Sleeping

We have all pictured the same scenario: we are home alone, sleeping comfortably when suddenly, a burglar breaks in and is willing to get physical in order to steal your household items. By having your car keys nearby while sleeping, as long as you have a panic button, you can instantly set off your car alarm. This will, theoretically, get the attention of your neighborhood and, eventually, the police.


Keep Your Car Keys In Hand

While we’re on the subject of car keys, they can be very handy in case of an emergency while walking to your car. By carrying your keys in your hand, it makes the process of getting into the safety of your car faster. And if you have the key clenched in between your fingers, with the stem of the key protruding from your knuckles, it can make for a handy weapon in case of a physical attack.


Be Careful of the Information on Your Smartphone

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t carry a smartphone at all times. These magical devices have undoubtedly taken the world by storm. They now carry some of our most personal secrets, which is precisely why we must be careful with how we use them. A great tip to help protect your personal information is to to never store your home address on your phone. If your phone is ever stolen and broken into, thieves can use that information to then rob your house. Instead, store an address that is very close to your home address, so that you can still use your phone’s GPS system to get close enough to your house, or, better yet, don’t include your home address at all.


Hopefully these tips will offer you a happy and safe new year.

Steven Andiloro Even More Gadgets for Personal Security

Even More Gadgets for Personal Security

Last month I wrote an article about important personal security devices that are important to keep on your person. And although I covered a few items, there are still plenty of other gadgets out there that can should be used for protection. And so, I thought it would be a good idea to list a few more personal security items.


Security Alarm

This may seem like an obvious choice for those who value their personal security, but not everybody is aware that these devices exist. Essentially, personal security alarms are tiny devices that can be carried discreetly and, in the case of an emergency, set off in order to alert authorities. Devices like the GE Personal Security Keychain Alarm or the Nimb Ring all offer a sense of safety for anybody.


Portable Camera

Admittedly, this might be a bit of overkill, but depending on your situation, you might want to have a camera on you at all times. Especially if you are walking alone in the park or through the streets. By having a portable camera on your person, you can video record your assailant and report him or her to the authorities. With video evidence, they can then track the perpetrator and bring him to justice.


Undercover Colors

This “gadget” is possibly one of the most unique and ingenious devices I’ve ever seen. Undercover Colors is a brand name of nail polish that can be used to detect predatory drugs. According to Undercover Colors, 1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. This special blend of technology and nail polish is looking to combat that. The nail polish can be worn as normal and dipped into a variety of beverages; if the nail polish changes color, that means that the drink has been spiked with a predatory drug. This fantastic device is stylish and secure, and could help prevent thousands of unnecessary acts of violence.

Steven Andiloro - Being Safe While Traveling

Being Safe While Traveling

Steven Andiloro - Being Safe While Traveling

Summertime is officially here and what better way to enjoy the warm weather and long nights than traveling across the world? Kids are on summer break, adults are on vacation, it’s a very popular time to travel. And although it is important to have fun, it is also incredibly important to remain vigilant. Here are a few safety and security measures you can take to protect yourself and your family while traveling abroad.


Beware social media

These days, everybody loves to post what they are doing on social media. From Facebook posts, to Instagram photos to tweets on Twitter, personal lives are shared 24/7. While sharing a photo of the sunset in Puerto Rico or posting a status of when you are leaving for vacation might sound like fun and innocent ways of letting your friends and family know where you are, it can unfortunately let other malicious people know where you are. By posting your whereabouts on social media, you can be setting yourself up for a home invasion. An empty house means an easy target. Taking hundreds of photos to remember your experience is fine, but just make sure that you do not post those photos online until after you return home.


Purchase a smart home security camera

Home security cameras are nothing new. They allow you to see exactly what is going on in your house when you are away. And while they were fantastic devices upon their creation, the 21st century has truly made home security cameras groundbreaking. With a smart home security camera, you can view your house anywhere, anytime. This way, if someone breaks into your house, not only will you have video evidence of it, you will also be able to see it in real time and alert the proper authorities as quickly as possible.


Don’t stick out

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but it deserves repeating. Make sure to blend into the crowd as much as possible. This may be your first time visiting a country or state that you’ve always dreamed of going to, but being obvious about it will clue in potential thieves and miscreants. Don’t walk around with a map, don’t look up at every building with tremendous awe and wonder, and limit the number of photos that you are taking. These are all things that will make you susceptible to an attack.


It is a big world out there. Enjoy it, but be safe.

Steven Andiloro Personal Security Devices You Need

Personal Safety Devices You Need

Steven Andiloro Personal Security Devices You Need

I am a fervent believer of personal security and safety. I have mentioned, in previous blogs, the importance of protecting your personal information from online hackers, but I have not touched on an even more important topic: your own physical safety. The digital space has its importance in our lives, but nothing will be more important than your or your family’s personal safety. That is why I wanted to list a few personal safety gadgets that are great to have on hand.


Mace/Pepper Spray

This is possibly one of the most popular and well-known personal safety devices in existence. If ever you are alone and feel uncomfortable and need to fend off an attacker, nothing beats this classic. Typically, pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, an oil that contains the compound capsaicin, which is what causes the burning sensation of pepper spray. The compound finds its way into an attacker’s nose, throat and eyes and almost certainly incapacitates them.


Pocket Shirt

Whenever you’re traveling, or even if you are just taking a stroll in your own neighborhood, one of the biggest looming threats to your personal safety is a pickpocket or a mugger. These thieves always go for your wallet, but what if they didn’t know where your wallet was? Shirts that contain hidden pockets located on the chest offer a clever way to hide your personal belongings. This could include your credit card, passport, cash or just your wallet. It is certainly worth looking into.


Personal Safe

For those moments when you don’t want to carry all of your personal belongings, but you also don’t trust the hotel or location that you are staying in, look no further than a personal safe. Just large enough to store money and small personal items, personal safes offer a terrific way to keep all of your content safe and secure. And if you were to carry it with you and get mugged, the attacker would not have access to the safe anyways. It is a great way to keep your most precious belongings safe when you are on the move.

Steven Andiloro Two of the Worst Online Hacks in History

Two of the Worst Online Hacks in History

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we cannot escape technology. Technology has infested our everyday lives. And because of that technology, we have put a large amount of our personal information out in the open, without us fully realizing it. From online purchases to banking, our credit card and social security numbers, dates of birth and just about everything else are all out in the open, waiting to be taken. And unfortunately, malicious hackers have taken advantage. There have been dozens of online hacks on companies which have put millions of users’ information at risk before, but there are two in particular that I feel are exceptionally bad.


Playstation Network Outage

Video games are a multibillion dollar industry, with billions playing around the world. And Playstation, one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles, has a very popular online gaming community called the Playstation Network. In this community, subscribers can play video games and speak with each other and purchase video games or movies through the online store, which requires a credit card. And in 2011, hackers breached the Playstation Network, bringing the platform to its knees. The attack resulted in the access of 77 million subscribers’ personal information by hackers. Sony, the parent company of Playstation, was forced to shut down the service for a total of 23 days. In that time, they restructured the infrastructure and made the network safe to use again. In response, Sony executives publicly apologized during a press conference by bowing their heads in shame. At the time, it was one of the worst online hacks in history.


Yahoo! Account Breach

Speaking of the worst security breaches in history, Yahoo! has the unfortunate pleasure of laying claim to this record. An incredibly recent event, Yahoo!, the popular tech company, admitted to the breach of over 1 billion users’ accounts. What made the case so extraordinary was the fact that Yahoo! had been attacked twice within two years. The first hack occurred in 2013, which compromised the initial 1 billion accounts; the second hack took place a year later, adding an additional 500 million breached accounts. It is by far the worst data breach of any company on record. What makes matters worse is that Yahoo! only recently disclosed the security attack, in September of 2016. Although the news made headlines, it did not necessarily damage the company’s image.

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